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We are located at:
318 S 9th St
Adel, IA 50003

We can be reached at:
(515) 745-3969

Local Attractions

A picture of the staircase inside the Adel library A wide veiw of the beautiful Dallas county courthouse A No Motor Vehicles Allowed sign A sign indicating the biketrail

Within One Mile
You're only 100 feet from the bike trail entrance, ride 8 miles West and encounter Redfeild or 7 miles east to go to Waukee. The Town Square, which is home to a plethora of restaurants, bars, and businesses, is about a 4th of mile north of the Bed and Breakfast. The Adel Library which is home to a whole host of community activities and educational fun, is your next door neighbor when you stay with us!

A wide view of the pool, multiple waster slides, shelters and lawn chairs can be seen A wide view of the Raccoon River before it flows through Island Park A primarily green colored playground with a wildlife and fish theme A primarily red colored playground with multiple slides

Local Parks
Evans park, located on S 131st St, features disc golf, a basketball court, a volleyball sand pit, a rentable park shelter, and a large playground. Kinnick-Feller park, located on Riverside Drive, is comfortably positioned by a river access and in the shade, a rentable park shelter, and rentable ballfeilds. Island Park and Campground, located off Nantucket road, features tent and rv camping, boating and fishing opportunities, soccer fields, a basketball court, paved roads, horseshoe pits, a shelter, and a playground. The Adel Family Auqatic Center, located at 1800 S 15th St, is open during the summer months, more information can be found here.

A corn distribution tent at the Sweet Corn Festival in Adel A person in a blue striped shirt holding a dozen ears of corn on a paper plate The Dallas county speedway mid-race Horseriders lead some gorgeous painted horses through the ring

Annual Events
The Dallas County Fair lasts six days and includes livesotck exhibits, Grand Stand shows, lives concerts, races, rodeo events and several facilities can be rented out all year.The Sweet Corn Festival lasts two days, bee sure to get your fair share of the unique food, live music, street dancing, and 7 tons of free sweet corn.